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Export Google Chrome plugin:

  1. Open chrome plugin page (chrome://extensions/) and enable ‘develop mode’, and click the plugin you want to export and remember its ID.
  2. Go into local chrome profile path (look path user profile from chrome://version/)
  3. Go into extensions path: cd Extensions/{{ ID }}/{{ version }}, (the ID is what you have ID in step 1), and copy the full path, will be used in next step.
  4. Return to step 1 page, and click “Pack extention”, in the pop “Extention root directory” fill in the path copied in step 3.
  5. It will create a crx and pem file inside Extensions/{{ ID }}/

Import Google Chrome plugin:

  1. unzip the crx file into a folder and copy the full folder path.
  2. open chrome://extensions/ and click ‘Load unpacked’ then paste the full folder path.


  • Chrome will notifiy the user about not using develop mode plugin, so this is only useful for temp usage, or plugin debugging.
  • chrome://version/ - user profile.
  • chrome://extensions/ - all installed extensions.
  • chrome://net-internals/ - clear cache for DNS / sockets / Domain Security policy etc.
  • chrome://chrome-urls - all Chrome internal urls.